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Mission of Everydaystray :

Our goal is to end animal homelessness and give existing homeless pets a better quality of life in Europe.

Europe is the modern centre of the world and has no space for any kind of animal abuse.

Our main objective is to focus on stopping the unnecessary treatment of pets.

Since 2017 working on the streets we have developed a good understanding of the situation that needs to be addressed

From 2019 we are a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO). Now recognised in Bulgaria.

Our organisation believes that the only way to end this circle of cruelty is to neuter as many strays as possible.

In addition to this we also work within local communities to enable them to support our aims and objectives.



Because of their daily work on the streets they often come across injured,sick and distressed animals. In this case our focus shifts from our daily routine of neutering to the welfare of the animal in need to provide immediate medical support.
For this reason they work together with the best available vet in the community.

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