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EcoVillage Findhorn Scottland

EcoVillage Findhorn Scottland

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Ecological Building
The Low Carbon Revolutions Starts at Home*

The construction of zero carbon buildings and the retrofitting of existing buildings offer some of the most cost-effective and most immediate strategies in response to climate change.

The ecovillage at Findhorn has erected 61 ecological buildings to date and there are ongoing plans for the continued construction of an ecologically respectful built environment.

Over the years we have developed a unique construction system, environmentally sound and energy efficient. Using natural and non-toxic materials we have developed a ‘breathing wall’ structure, which allows the fabric of a building to interact beneficially with people to moderate humidity and air quality.

We have also experimented with straw bale construction, the ‘Earthship’ system using recycled car tyres, and remain open to further new and innovative ecological solutions for the built environment.

The publication of Simply Build Green, the UK’s first technical guide to ecological housing, based on our own research and experience, has helped the ecovillage become a major resource for environmental education locally, nationally and internationally.

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